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What is Play-Practice-Play

Staying up to date with modern coaching educations is important to us here at Xeneizes MD.

USSF has come out with a new practice session format which will help players develop their skills better than before! 

Play Phase:

Just like when kids are with friends in the park, they sort out teams, and get to playing small sided games. 

We like to tell the players to have no more than 4 players per team. This could mean 1 v 1, 2 v 1, 2 v 2, etc. It will be totally up to the players. 

This first Play Phase is already their warm up. As players stroll in, they will join teams that need players. 

*Coaches will put in certain restrictions at times, and also some challenges for them to think about while playing*

Practice Phase:

In this phase, coaches will focus on their main core of the practice session. Meaning, if the topic is shooting, the coach will setup a small sided shooting session. 

Coaches in this stage will have the opportunity to keep it at the core level of the activity, or make it less/more challenging depending how the players react.

Play Phase (Last Stage):

In this stage, players go back to playing. Could be small sided, or a bigger size field game. 

*Players should be looking to apply what they worked on that day in the practice stage (in this ex: Shooting).*

**Physical activity will be put into sessions, usually at the end of the last play phase**

Xeneizes MD teaches this to coaches so that they are all on the same page as to how the practices should be ran.


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