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Why is it important to have a Style of Play?

Style of play is very important for a club! 

It creates a structure and organization between the club and the coaches.

Here at XMD we created a style of play that is effective and progresses as the players grow. 

The XMD Way

You may be asking, why should U6-U8 players have a style of play? Well, the earlier they learn a style of play, the easier it will transfer as they move onto the next stage.

Young players learn quick which is why we want to start teaching skills, style of play, and problem solving at early stages. 

XMD Style of Play Specifically for U6-U8 (4 vs 4).

Individual Skills (1v1), 1, 2 Combination, & Resetting before pressuring:

1) Team Shape:

- Diamond
- Center Back, Right/Left Midfield, Striker

2) Moving Forward when ball is on opponent's half:

- CB Pushes up Midfield for support
- Wingers and Striker play ball back (to reset) and start a new attack
- Team Shape big (Wingers wide, Striker High Up)
- Pass - Look for 1, 2 combination
- Dribble - Look for 1 v 1's and perform a move
- Shoot - Aim for lower corner

3) Moving back when ball is coming to our half:

- Team Shape Small
- Get between Ball and Goal

XMD Style of Play: U9 - U10 (7 vs 7), U11 - U12 (9 vs 9) & u13 & Up (11 vs 11).

Short Pass combinations (Triangles), & Individual Skills

1) Team Formation:

- 1-2-3-1 (GK, 2 CB's, 3 Mids, 1 Striker) U9/U10
- 1-3-4-1 (GK, RB, CB, LB, CDM, RM, LM, CAM, Striker) U11/U12
- 1-4-2-3-1 (GK, RB, 2 CB's, LB, 2 CDM's 3 CM's, Striker) U13 & Up
- 1-4-3-3 (GK, RB, 2 CB's, LB, 3 CM's, LW, Striker, RW) U13 & Up

2) In Possession:

- Short, Short, Switch
- Pass in, out, back in, switch or through ball
- Create Disadvantages (3 v 1, 2 v 1, 4 v 2 = #'s up)
- Dumping to GK or CB's to restart the attack

3) Not in Possession:

- We step up for every negative pass
- Pressure Up High with Striker, Mids cut passing lanes behind striker (Opponent's has ball in their half)
- Compact Shape, Look to double team player with ball, and force a bad pass, or a negative pass (opponent has ball in midfield)
- Pack the box, shift together as ball travels, look to anticipate a cross.
- Try to Counter Attack, if not there, slow it down.



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